Beggin' Fur A Brushin' Dog Grooming | Country Harvest--2013
Created 28-Sep-13
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Considering Lettie's coloring, it's been on my Bucket List to photograph her in a corn field during harvest. Saturday afternoon September 28, 2013, turned out to be the day to cross the event off my list.

Just down the road from our house, Mr. Larimore was in the field combining corn. He told my husband he would be done with the field in about 40-minutes. I got the word. I threw on my tennies, put a leash on Lettie, and grabbed my gear. The corn field was the perfect color to do a monochromatic series of pictures with Lettie. I also took some photos of Lettie near the ditch east of the corn field.

After observing the harvesting of the field, we headed to Atwood, down home on the Kamm farm. I took pictures of Lettie at the boundary between the Kamm farm and the neighbors. Photos were taken of her checking the progress of the beans in the bean field. Lettie enjoyed the shade on the turn row, and lastly, she had her picture taken in the old water trough just east of the main Kamm homestead and south of what was my parent's retirement home. That trough watered many a famous, premier Shorthorn cattle.

Enjoy Harvest 2013, in Central Illinois, with My Lettie Anne!

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