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Beggin' Fur A Brushin' Dog Grooming
For the Health and Beauty of Your Best Friend

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The Beggin' Fur News - March 2013

It's spring, and spring is the time when many pets "blow" their coat. Tired of dog hair everywhere? Bring your pet to Beggin' Fur A Brushin' Dog Grooming for a professional de-shedding. I can remove that unwanted hair with my advanced training in hair removal techniques and with the use of specialized tools.

De-shedding is a "hairy" job and is very time-consuming, but it gets rid of a lot of loose hair. I start by brushing the coat. Then I put the dog in the bathtub. I thoroughly bathe the dog and message special conditioner into the coat to stimulate the hair follicles to loosen the undercoat. The dog is rinsed with warm water to open the hair follicles. Lots of times the hair rinses right out of the coat. After rinsing, the dog is towel dried. I use a high-velocity dryer to blow the remaining loose hair from the coat as it dries. When the dog is dry, special tools are used to complete the de-shedding procedure. I also have a Clipper Vac which removes the hair and sucks it away.

The hair follicles are somewhat disturbed during this process, so you may notice some shedding for a day or so. After the first day, you should see a reduction in the amount of shed hair in your home. Your pet won't be as uncomfortable, and you'll probably notice them scratching less.

De-shedding is not a one-time procedure. I can help you decide how often you should return your dog to BFAB.

Spring is the peak grooming season for many reasons. If you have not already done so, now is the time to call BFAB to make an appointment for your Best Friend. I book up quickly in the spring, so don't delay.

Also, NuVet Plus supplements are wonderful and therapeutic for your dog's skin and coat, skin irritations, scratching and itching. NuVet is available at Beggin' Fur A Brushin' Dog Grooming. Stop by and get your dog some NuVet Plus today. Get your dog healthy and keep your dog healthy with NuVet!

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