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The Beggin' Fur News - September 2012

I have a couple of things that I am excited to announce. This is Beggin’ Fur A Brushin’s first online newsletter. The newsletter is where you can keep updated on all things BFAB. Also, I have incorporated Beggin’ Fur A Brushin’ Dog Grooming and Beggin’ Fur A Brushin’s Fur Fun Fotos websites into one attractive and more informative site. This effort is to better serve you.

Please make note to save into your favorites, as I will only be using this website from now on. I will be deleting the old

This time of year is when things usually slow down a little bit at the shop. That hasn’t been the case this year. It seems like I’m busier than I’ve been before. Several new clients have been on my table, and I’ve enjoyed meeting every one of them.

I do believe the change of seasons is upon us. It’s particularly important to watch for fleas on your pet now. My experience has been that if a dog is going to get fleas, they are going to get fleas when the chill is in the air. Fleas want warmth. They detect a warm dog, and they are on the dog in a flash. If your dog(s) get(s) fleas, you can order a natural flea bath at Beggin’ that is gentle and won’t dry skin. The shampoo I use also calms the itching that comes with parasites. Don’t forget that I sell Frontline Plus as a service and as a retail item.

We are in the throes of allergy season, and so are our best friends. Keeping your dog(s) clean, brushed, and combed is essential. At BFAB, I have supplements, shampoos, skin treatments, and grooming tools to sell or apply to soothe the suffering. Check out the Services and Retail section for more information.

I am almost always booked 3-4-weeks out. If you need to make an appointment, please keep that in mind. It’s easy to schedule your next appointment when you pick up your dog. That way you don’t lose your place in the rotation, and you have your time on the appointment book. Some clients schedule their appointments for the entire year. I have my 2013, book ready to go for those who choose to schedule for the year. Before you know it Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us. Call to schedule your holiday appointments soon.

One thing I’d like to stress to new and potential clients. Please be on time for your appointment. There is an FAQ section on this website that will familiarize you with my policies.

This is just a reminder. For your convenience, I not only accept checks and cash; I accept the following debit/credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Wouldn't you love a great photo shoot of your dog? Don't make your pup beg! My lens is polished, and Beggin' Fur A Brushin's Fur Fun Fotos is camera ready.

It looks like we have left the devastating heat of summer behind. Let’s get outside and enjoy the splendor of autumn with our canine companions.

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