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Frequently Asked Questions/Policies

Notice: Please be on time for your appointment. If you are not familiar with the shop location, leave early. Give yourself plenty of time to get your dog(s) to their grooming appointment. Just as you expect a call from me if I can't style your dog due to illness or weather closings, I expect a phone call from you, at least 24-hours notice, if you can't make your appointment. I will enforce my No Show and No Notice policy.

Q--Do you take walk-ins?
A--No, my services are by appointment only.
Q--What if I have questions or concerns about my dog after his/her grooming appointment?
A--You must contact me within 24-hours of the date and time of your dog's grooming appointment to discuss your questions or concerns.
Q--What do I get with the Bath and Brush?
A--Your dog's ears are plucked (if need be) and cleaned. I shave the hygienic areas, clip between the pads of the feet, trim nails, brush out, shampoo twice, express anal sacs, rinse, dry, brush again, comb. The face and feet are groomed.
Q--What do I get with a Bath Brush Clip?
A--You get everything you get with the Bath and Brush, but your dog's body coat is clipped to the appropriate style, pattern, and length.
Q--Can I bring my dog early for their appointment?
A--Yes. I am open by appointment only so call before you come to make sure I am at the shop.
Q--How long is it going to take to groom my dog?
A--Currently I am working on a one-at-a-time basis. I work on your dog clear through until it is done. I do have a 4-hour turn around time. It usually doesn't take that long for me to groom your dog, maybe 1-1/2 -2-hours depending. I will call you when your dog is done. There are exceptions to this policy such as coat condition, puppies, geriatric dogs, or dogs that have been ill or are on certain medications.
Q--What is the spa?
A--The spa is in addition to your dog's bath and brush or full groom. There is a choice of shampoo. I condition the coat, condition the skin, brush the teeth, freshen the breath, apply cologne, and adorn your dog with bows or a bandanna, which are seasonal or holiday related.
Q--Do you groom big dogs?
A--Yes. I am certified to groom all breeds.
Q--Do you groom cats?
A--No, I do not groom cats. I am certified to groom cats. Don't get me wrong. I love cats. I would just rather you take your cat to someone who enjoys grooming them.
Q--Can I bring my pet in just to have their nails trimmed?
A--Sure. Call to make an appointment. I will do any one of my Add On or Ala Carte Services for you.
Q--How could you cut my dog's nail?
A--I assure you that hate it, and I do feel bad when I quick a nail. However, anyone can quick a dog's nail: the vet, the vet tech, the groomer. I know it may be traumatic for some owners, but it is not serious unless the nail hemorrhages, which may reveal a health problem. Experts say it feels like a sore hang nail to your dog. Some dogs do lick or act sensitive about their nail for a short while. That's natural. If the nail bleeds at home, put flour on the nail and apply pressure.
Q--What if my dog gets cut during grooming?
A--You must notify me winthin 24-hours of the date and time of your dog's grooming appointment if you notice a cut on your dog. I am open and honest about grooming practices. If a groomer says they have never cut a dog, they are fibbing. Rarely, I have had superficial cuts on groom dogs. Most cuts I have noticed immediately and a few cuts I have not noticed. I always treat the cut and tell the owner if their dog has been superficially cut with a brush, scissor, or clipper. I take time and as much caution grooming your dog(s) as I possibly can. I keep my insturments sharp (which causes less trauma), but I am working on a moving target. Some dogs are matted, which does increase the possibility of laceration. I am not in the business of abusing your dog (!), and I take it to heart if your dog is cut. Your dog's health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to me.
Q--Can you groom my dog today?
A--Perhaps, if there has been a reschedule or cancellation. I groom a certain number of dogs per day because I believe in quality, not quantity. I am usually booked 3- to 4-weeks in advance. It would be wise to schedule your dog's grooming several weeks in advance or schedule an appointment when you pick up your pet from his/her current appointment.
Q--What is your cancellation policy?
A--Please be on time for your dog's appointment and give me at least 24-hours notice if you must cancel. If you do not give notice, you will be charged a No Notice fee. If you are over 15-minutes late, you will be considered a No Show; and you will have to reschedule your appointment. No Shows will be noted in your file. No Shows will be expected to pay a No Show fee. After three-times of either being late or not showing, I will no longer make appointments with you. Remember that if you don't show or are late, I have lost business. I could have done someone else's dog during the time you reserved for your dog.
Q--Do you groom special needs dogs?
A--No, I no longer groom special needs dogs.
Q--What do you do in case of an emergency?
A--Initially, I have you complete a groom card and another form, each gives me contact information and history about your dog. There is a section on each form that gives me permission to seek medical attention for your pet. In case of an emergency, I will take your dog to Animal Hospital of Monticello, which is the closest vet clinic to my shop. I will take your dog's file with me, and I will call you. I have never had an emergency, and I pray I never do.
Q--When can I have my puppy groomed for the first time?
A--I can make an appointment for your puppy after its second set of puppy shots, around 8-weeks. It's never too early to start teaching the grooming process to your puppy. I never stress a dog of any age. I will do as much as your puppy can handle. If I get everything done, great! If not, we can make another appointment to finsh the groom. I've never not finished a puppy, but you never know. There's always a first time.
Q--Is my dog too old to be groomed?
A--Just as in humans, old dogs suffer from weakness, aches, and pains. I try to accommodate old dogs with simpler cuts and faster service. I do have a special apparatus that helps support older dogs to stand. As with puppies, I will do as much as your dog can tolerate. If he/she is becoming stressed I will stop grooming, call you, and we can continue the grooming at another visit.
Q--What do you do about notifying your clients if you don't open your shop due to weather or illness?
A--Not only will I call the contact phone number(s) you have given me when you have made your appointment, but I will make a post on the Beggin' Fur A Brushin' Dog Grooming Facebook page. Make sure you click the LIKE button on the BFAB Facebook page to keep informed.
Q--Can I stay while you groom my dog?
A--I have a very open shop and nothing to hide. I am very conscientious about safety. I have found that if the owner is in the shop, the dog's attention is divided. Think about it. Essentially, I am working on a moving target--sharp scissors around the face, etc. Need I say more? I've got to have the dog's complete attention. It is less worrisome for me and much, much safer for your pet if you are not present during the grooming process. A stranger in the shop also disrupts the other dogs. They get excited, bark, and it is hard for me to work in the commotion.
Q--How will you dry my dog?
A--I usually table dry your dog with a velocity dryer. If your dog does not tolerate the velocity dryer or if my time doesn't allow me to table dry your dog, I will use the cage dryer. Not to worry. Remember, I am in the same room with your dog at all times.

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