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If your dog has been groomed at BFAB, please send your Testimonial to Type "Testimonial" in the subject line. You can also leave your testimonial on the Beggin' Fur A Brushin' Dog Grooming Facebook page.

Sue and Boerne Bramlett: From the very first minute I met Joyce, I completely trusted her. I do not say this lightly, either. My furbaby, Boerne (a 22-pound Schnauzer with the heart of 122-pound German Shepherd-ha) is my companion and friend. So, I would never hand him over to just anyone. She has always given him the most excellent care and I have never been anything but completely pleased to see him prance out after 'getting a new hairdo."

One of the most memorable days of my life was made complete by this great lady. I was asked to be Grand Marshall of the 2007 Homecoming parade. Of course, my friend would ride with me and yes, a Schnauzer in the lead car of the parade. I asked Joyce for an appointment; Boerne wanted to look really fine. Not only did she have him groomed, sparkly and shiny with gold glitter, she surprised me with white doggie tuxedo collar complete with PURPLE bow tie and gave me a purple bow tie to match. Me in my white blouse/black suit and Boerne all black, white collar and our purple bowties to match?? Of course, he stole the show...

Joyce is definitely proficient in the technical skills of dog grooming; her dogs always look great. However, it's not just about the skills she possesses. I think that a little piece of each of her dogs lives in her heart--she really cares for them and about them. It's as though she has adopted each one into her extended family.

I have referred Joyce to many people and to my knowledge, they have all been perfectly happy with the care and grooming services that she provides. Having always been so pleased myself, it is very easy to say..."I know this great lady; if you take your puppy child to her for care and grooming, you will really be pleased..." Sue and Boerne Bramlett

Karen and Scooter Claus: First, I would like to say that I wish I lived closer to Beggin Fur A Brushin. I have driven all the way from Rantoul to get my little boy, Scooter, groomed by Joyce. She is the BEST groomer that I have ever used for him. The most important thing I can say about Joyce and her grooming is that she really is dedicated to her work. She treats her 'clients' as if they were one of her own. She is a highly skilled groomer. She takes her time and it shows. Her work is impeccable. I highly recommend her. Karen & Scooter Claus

Irene Bowen: Joyce and I were in grooming school together when we met. I love Joyce's openess and honesty in her dealings with people, and her integrity as a groomer is really hard to match. She is a very thorough groomer, and really works at keeping up on the latest grooming techniques and styles for the breeds. We attended a grooming seminar together once, where I learned her enthusiasm for cocker spaniels specifically - is unmatched in the grooming world - as far as I have noticed! She is a wonderful friend, and support as a fellow groomer - a rare quality in this line of work. I am really grateful to have her as a friend, and would highly recommend her as a groomer. Your animals could not be in better hands. Sincerely, Irene C. Bowen

Curtis and Crystal Dillow: Stanley is more than a thick-coated, entertaining Pomeranian with an extensive canine vocabulary; he is the center of our family! As a “local” celebrity with a personality characteristic enough for a storybook, Stanley must always look his best. The health and happiness of our seventeen-pound friend is of highest importance to us, so that’s why we choose Joyce. In addition to providing superior bathing and grooming services, Joyce spends time getting to know each of her pet-customers. She has alerted us when Stanley does not seem to be acting like his usual self and has done wonders to maintain balance with his sensitive skin!

We discovered Joyce soon after she opened her business, yet were hesitant as protective parents to try another groomer. From Stanley’s first visit when we saw him lick her face through the window (true!) and every visit since, we have been more than pleased. Stanley’s hair is shiny and smooth, he smells great, and he prances after the spa treatment which includes a seasonal neck bandana. We have experienced other doggie salons that just do not measure up to the excellent care that Stanley receives at Beggin’ Fur a Brushin’! How do we know Stanley is happy with his services? He gets excited when we talk about visiting his “friend” Joyce (as we call her) and always attempts to drop-in for a visit during our strolls past her shop. So, if you’re seeking a place where your pet receives personalized attention and leaves rejuvenated; we recommend giving Joyce a call! Triple-Satisfied Customer: Stanley (“Fuzzybutt”) Dillow Owners: Curtis & Crystal

Lara Long: How delightful to see our Casey as the 4th of July Groom Dog of the Month. Joyce has been grooming our boy for years and I must say, out of all the groomers he has ever seen Joyce is right up there on top of the list. Her love for our "children" is so genuine and believe me, your pets KNOW who cares about them and who doesn't. Casey loves Joyce and I feel such a level of confidence when I leave him with her. So here's to many, many more years of visits to Casey's good friend. Lara

Stephanie Main: Joyce does the best when it comes to grooming the Cocker Spaniel! I would give her a call when your pet needs a good grooming! Stephanie and the Crew at Classy Country Cockers

Gail McConnell: Joyce treats your pet like he/she is one of her own "babies" and our pets have come to love visiting her shop. Not only do they come home looking like "magazine puppy models" but they always smell wonderful and have on the latest scarf creation Joyce has come up with. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our "kids". :)

Laura DeOrnellas: Even if you are not close to Bement . . . plan ahead and make a day out of it . . . lots to do in surrounding towns. Joyce is the best and worth the drive!!!

LeAndra Vogelzang: Joyce is AMAZING! Sadie, our Norwegian Elkhound, went and had the spa treatment this afternoon. Any of my friends would LOVE taking their babies to visit Joyce.

Carol Allen: Joyce is a god send for my dogs Charlie and Riley. They always are so nice, clean and well brushed when I pick them up. Am very happy with her services.

Pam Bailey: Joyce is the greatest

Lashelle Plank: Joyce is well worth the drive . . . and know this from experience . . . Harley loves going to see her and Joyce does an AWESOME job every time . . . she also always has great advice for me on what is best for my pet . . . LOVE BFAB.

Shannon Dwinnells: Joyce does a fabulous job! Abby comes home looking great every time . . .

Judy Link: Joyce is awesome; not only does Maggie Rose love her . . . so do we! She's the best ever!

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