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The Beggin’ Fur News—December 2012

The website ( has been updated for the holidays. I’ve tried to add some Christmas cheer by adding music to the homepage. The Christmas dogs are once again positioned, and the shop looks festive. I’m hoping the outside decorations bring clients and drivers by some Christmas cheer.

My schedule book is full till the second week of January. I am taking appointments for January. I do have a “before Christmas” waiting list if you would like to call to get your name on the list. I can’t stress enough about keeping your dog(s) happy and safe this holiday season. Spend time with them. It will mean so much to your dog(s), and it will relieve you of some holiday stress.

Your dog(s) should remain on their same diet and exercise regimen. Keep an eye on them if they near the Christmas tree and presents. Ingesting tree needles, ribbon, tinsel, and icicles can be very detrimental to the health of your dog(s). If your home is decorated with Poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe, these plants are poisonous. Keep them out of reach of your pets. You can refer to my October and November newsletters regarding more safety tips. They apply to Christmas and New Year festivities too.

BFAB will be closed from December 3, 2012, and will reopen December 11, 2012. My Clementine will be having her recheck with the Ophthalmology vets on December 3, and she will have her eye surgery on December 4. Clemee will have an Enucleation of the right eye and a Retinalpexy in the left eye. I am praying things go well and she makes it through her surgery and will be sighted thereafter. I will be staying home with her to nurse her as she heals. We both need this time together to recuperate from this painful and very stressful health challenge.

As usual, BFAB will be closed from Christmas through New Year’s. Bug and I wish you a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. We thank you for your patronage this year, and we look forward to seeing you and your pet(s) in the coming year.

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