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AFRchives, yes, ARFchives. This is where you find past pictures of My Girls having all sorts of Fur Fun with the seasons and the holidays. Enjoy their poses in their festive outfits. Clicking the Slideshow button in the upper right-hand corner of this page is the only way to appreciate these photos.

If you click on an individual picture, lots of times there will be a Smilebox hyperlink. Click on the link, and you can watch a fun show with music, sometimes pretty jazzy, and fun captions. It's all for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Several people have asked me where I get the outfits. If you click on the individual picture, I have provided an online address. If there is no address provided, send me an email. I will be happy to provide you with the contact information. You can find my email address on the Contact page of this website.

My Girls are models for a few online doggy apparel companies, and I also have some items made especially for particular photo shoots. It's an effort of love for My Girls, for My Girl followers, and for canine photography.

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