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Following is the story of My Girl, Miss Clover White. My Girl, Lettie Anne is the older sister of Clover. They have the same sire. Not all of Clover’s photo shoots are loaded, but the one that has been loaded can be found below this text.

I had adopted My Lettie Anne from Classy Country Cockers, Altona, Illinois. After knowing what a delight Lettie was, it continued to be fun to click into CC’s website. I watched for the breedings and kept updated on the litters that were born. By the way, I highly recommend Classy Country Cockers breeding beautiful companions for pet homes.

Sometimes things aren’t planned, but sometimes things are meant to be. One day, I clicked on a litter that I had been waiting to view, which was whelped on August 9, 2009. I knew the litter was going to be special.

It was love at first sight. There were two silver buff girls that played on my heart, one in particular. They were promised immediately, but there was something inside me telling me I had to try. I emailed Stephanie Main, the owner of Classy Country Cockers, and told her I especially wanted the one particular girl. I told her if anything happened to the transaction, I wanted her. As luck would have it, the one girl became available. I am not a lucky person, but I was lucky that day. I rushed to get my check in the mail so Stephanie wouldn’t change her mind and keep her, because I know she wanted to. The puppy was just downright exceptional, and that’s all there was to it.

On October 1, 2009, Lettie and I returned to Classy Country Cockers to pick up the cutest silver buff puppy that I have ever seen in my life. I gave her the name of Miss Clover White. Clover was a little shiny chunk and so doggone adorable. In no time, I mainstreamed Clover with My Girls. She and Lettie seemed to know they are half-sisters, and they got along famously. Both being pups at the time, they played endlessly until they would crash together intertwined.

Clover has always been sweet, loving, laid back, quiet, and calm. When the other girls are playing together in the yard, I often see her off from the pack happily doing her own thing. Her silver buff color makes her stand out in the green grass, and she looks lovely.

Because of her pleasant nature, I used Clover as my Sporting certification dog in May 2012. I think I passed the practical exam simply because Clover pulled me through it with such an attractive headset, correct coat, and standard conformation. She was so well mannered, and endured a such long, grueling day. I owe her a lot, and I say again, Clover is lovely.

Clover is everything in one petite package. She’s got the conformation and the temperament. She’s the kind of dog you can take anywhere with you, and I do. Clover is one splendid, affectionate little Cocker, and that’s why she’s My Girl.


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Clover's Autumn Celebration 2013

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Clover's Autumn Celebration 2013