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For those of you who know me, you do not need glasses. Do not adjust your screen. The following galleries are of my Miniature Poodle!

I needed a Miniature Poodle, to AKC standard, for scissoring practice and to use for my Non Sporting certification practical exam. Getting my own Poodle was the only way to get that practice in. I also want to work with an instructor so I needed my own dog. I made inquiries from Canada to Florida, from New Hampshire to California.

I finally found a litter located in Duluth, Minnesota. Dawn Strumbel of Horizon Poodles met us at a dog show in Winona, Minnesota so I could view the puppies she had available. I chose a sweet cream girl, even though I originally wanted a silver Poodle. The puppy's temperament and thick, course coat for scissoring won over the silver boy puppy.

Poodles are elegant and I wanted an elegant name for my puppy. Since the puppy was the color of pearls and pearls have luster, I chose Luster for the puppy's name. My friend's daughter saw "Lussie" the day after I brought her home. She thought her name should be Puff because the puppy was so fluffy. That's how Luster got her middle name, Luster Puff. In March 2014, at the age of 6-months, I registered Luster under the AKC name of "Horizon's I've Got My Shine On".

Luster is getting along well as part of my business and a beloved member of my family. She has made her self at home, and she gets along quite well with the other girls. Luster is sweet, fun, loving, and entertaining, and that's why she's My Girl.

Luster & Glitter--Age-3-Months--2013

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Created 29-Nov-13
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Luster & Glitter--Age-3-Months--2013

Luster Puff in the White Stuff--2014

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Luster Puff in the White Stuff--2014

Let's Play Ball-2016

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Created 3-Sep-16
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Let's Play Ball-2016